The Canterbury and District Recorder

Patrons: Mrs. Geraldine Allinson DL, Chairman KM Media Group, Mr. David Eldridge - Son of our Founder.

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Our Volunteers


Our loyal and long serving band of volunteers are our lifeblood, who undertake numerous roles in order for the Talking Newspaper to function.


Our News Editors

Prepare the news from the Kentish Gazette and the Canterbury Times, and ensure there is a sufficient and varied amount to inform and entertain our listeners.


Our Readers

Read the edited news in a clear way so our listeners can enjoy listening to the articles. The Readers also read material for the other additional programmes.


Our Sound Engineers

Prepare the studio and ensure the recordings are made to the highest level to ensure our listeners enjoy the ultimate quality in sound reproduction.


Our USB Stick Copiers

Ensure the recordings are transferred to the listener sticks from the masters prepared on the laptops.


Our Mail Administrator

Receives the returned pouches containing the sticks and prepares them for the next cycle of recording. The Administrator also ensures that the service continues even if a stick arrives late.


Our Committee Members

Are the Trustees of the Charity and ensure the Charity is managed correctly in a way which will provide the best for our listeners and continue the service of which we are particularly proud.