The Canterbury and District Recorder

Patrons: Mrs. Geraldine Allinson DL, Chairman KM Media Group, Mr. David Eldridge - Son of our Founder.

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Our Listeners


Our listeners are from many different ages and backgrounds, but they have one thing in common; with limited sight, they can’t easily read the local newspapers or magazines, but they still want to know what’s going on in Canterbury and the surrounding area. That’s where the Canterbury and District Recorder can help. If you are unable to read standard (N12) newspaper print, we are able to send a recording to you each week using special yellow wallets under the free postal service of Articles for the Blind. The recording of the local news together with local interest programmes will be contained on a USB stick.


In order for us to keep sending you the recordings, we ask you to post each USB stick back to us as promptly as possible. The yellow wallet carries a free of charge return address label and so all you have to do is put the USB stick into the wallet, seal the Velcro edge and arrange for the wallet to be placed into a postbox.


We do maintain the service if we do not receive your wallet back in time but do remember to try and return each wallet promptly or arrange for someone to do it on your behalf.


In addition to the free of charge weekly recordings we offer simple to use players, which are shown on the right of this page, on free long term loan.